February Exposures

Exposures week of 2-3-20

Exposures- Mrs. Borrelli

Monday-  April Saul

Tuesday-  April Saul

Wednesday-  Dr. Audu

Thursday - Mark Porter

Exposures week of 2-10-20

Exposures- Mrs. Borrelli

Monday- Dwaine Williams-Former School Board Member, Community Advocate, former Architect for district. (Catto/Dudley)

Tuesday- Rowan School of Medicine

Wednesday-Phil Freeman: Former School Board President, Lawyer :Civil liberties

Thursday- Lola Moore-Former District Employee , Founder of Tigers Lair and Lions Den, community advocate.

Exposures- Mrs. Borrelli (Week of 2/24/2020

Monday- Dr. Audu from Cooper Hospital

Tuesday-Trainer Moorison from WWHS 

Wednesday- Ana Delgado Health Case Manager @Rutgers University

Thursday- Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine