Cry Baby

Sender: Tyerra Harper
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Posted On: 10/10/2006
Year: 2006

Cry Baby

When we went to Six Flags (Physics Day) this year Jaalisa's first rollercoaster she ever got on in her life was Kingda Ka. At first she was fine while she was in the 1 hour line, but when she got up to the ride and was sitting down and strapped in she started crying. She told the guy to let her out, but it was already too late, so she had to ride the ride. Jaalisa was fussing people out before the ride started and after it was over. When it was over she told some lady to "shut up." That 's just how upset she was. Then she had the nerve to call her mom while she was crying and said that Kenesha forced her to get on the ride.

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