Sender: Tamira Moore
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Posted On: 01/07/2010
Year: 2003-2004


So our two advisors were sent to other schools...Dr. Branch left even when she told us not to listen to rumors...Dr. Clayton was prinicipal...And then there was Mrs. Still, and Mr. Quinones! WOW...Whoever made that combination didn't know how crazy it was...lol Senior year was a blast!!! From selling Pastelillos *check spelling* all of the time to having our own Spanish food day! Yes, it was FUN!!! Homecoming was the best...I still have my booklet with all of our pics leading up to that point! Painting the various body structures on the walls!! We spent all of our time with Mrs. Hines-Cooper, Mrs. Still, and getting on EVERYONE's nerves...Mr. Huntley was the GREATEST! Even he began using our made up language...lol Boycotting the new principal...Yea we were crazy, but hey we didn't need a new one at the end of the school year, so we thought...Dr. Clayton told us differently. He was SO UPSET WITH US! But the revolution had began...There was no replacing Dr. Branch or Dr. Clayton!! Not for us!!! Class trip, Prom, Senior Week, Year book signing...THE BEST TIMES EVER!!! Freshman year and Senior were the best 2 years at medical Arts!! That school has changed so much, but still holds the potential...We're DESTINED for GREATNESS! And even though she doesn't work there anymore...You all should remember "You are your brothers and sisters keeper"-Dr. Stephanie Branch!!

CLASS of 04!!!

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