National Honors Society

The Dr. Charles E. Brimm chapter of the National Honor Society is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious organization. Its purpose is the creation of enthusiasm for scholarship, the stimulation of a desire to render service, the promotion of worthy leadership, and the encouragement of character in all students.

Membership in the National Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. Students may not apply for membership or consider it a right. Eligibility in the Dr. Charles E. Brimm High School chapter is open to sophomores with a 3.25 or higher cumulative grade point average in academic subjects.

Membership is granted only to qualified students who are accepted by the Faculty Council and approved by the Principal. The Faculty Council is a five-member board chosen by the Principal. The chapter advisor is a non-voting sixth member. Membership is never considered on the basis of grades alone. Students who are academically eligible will be notified by the chapter advisor and informed that for further consideration for selection of NHS, they must complete a Student Activity Information Form. This form must be returned to the chapter advisor within five school days from the day it is given to the candidate. Failure on the part of a candidate to return this form within the allotted time will automatically eliminate the candidate from further consideration. Incomplete forms will also eliminate the candidates.

To evaluate a candidate's character, the Faculty Council uses two forms of input: first, school disciplinary records are reviewed: second, members of the faculty are solicited for input regarding their professional reflections on a candidate's character and leadership.

Students and parents must understand that the form is not an application for membership, and the review of the information does not guarantee selection. The Faculty Council wilt carefully review candidates in the areas of leadership, service and character and in the recommendations of the faculty. Students must excel in all four areas. Candidates receiving majority votes will have their names presented to the Principal for final approval.

A student not selected for membership may appeal to the school Principal, who decides if reconsideration is warranted. Schools are not obliged to share with parents and students information concerning the non-selection of specific students.

Parents and students must understand that no student has a right to be selected for membership and the NHS Faculty Council is entrusted with making the selection decisions. Thc National Council of the NHS will not review the judgment of the NHS Faculty council regarding the selection of individual members to local chapters.

To assure they maintain the high standards of the Society, the chapter advisor monitors students inducted into the National Honor Society. Periodic reviews are made to assure that members are maintaining standards of excellence. A member may be dismissed after appropriate warnings from the advisor, failure to remedy the situation, and a majority of the Faculty Council votes for dismissal. Failure to maintain these standards will be reviewed by the NHS Faculty Council and the Principal and may result in either a probation period or dismissal.

A student who is dismissed from NHS has a right to a hearing before the NHS Faculty Council.