Dr. Steven Fine



This course is designed to introduce students to medical themes, issues, topics, and careers. Each grade level (9-12) meets once a week to hear weekly lectures from guest speakers from the medical community. When applicable, students take field trips to medical and scientific institutions to get a firsthand look at how these facilities operate. Students are also provided opportunities to intern in after school and summer programs.



1. Students will enter the multi-purpose room with their teacher, sit with their class, facing the front of the room and prepared to take notes. All backpacks, books, etc. should be placed on the floor. All you will need is a pen/pencil and paper. Remember to note the speakers name, your teacher's name and organization.

2. Students will obtain template for their homework assignment in the "Exposures" section of this website or as a hard copy. Once the assignment is complete (10 important points and a summary) it will be submitted to your teacher or to Dr. Fine. Assignments are due 1 week after class. Remember to put your name and date and teacher's name on the assignment. Late papers will result in a grade reduction. If you have an excused absence you will have one week upon your return to school to hand in an alternate assignment. We will begin using turnitin.com to hand in assignments. Exact date of starting this requirement to be determined. 

3. Occasionally, there will be in class assignments that need to be submitted to your teacher before the end of the class period. These will be included as part of your grade. They are only accepted immediately after class. If not turned in a "0" is recorded.Remember to put your name, teacher’s name, and date on your paper!



4. All assignments have equal weight in determining your grade. 
        90-100 =A
        80-89  =B
        70-79  =C
        65-69  =D
        Below 65  =F
5. If you have an excused absence for the day of your class you must obtain an alternate assignment. Alternate assignments are available from your teacher. Choose one and submit. If you are absent more than once you must choose different alternative assignment.Submit assignments to your teacher or Dr. Fine.

6. Appropriate conduct is expected. There should be no talking when a guest lecturer is speaking. If you have a question raise your hand. Students should not be working on other teacher's assignments during class. No cell phones or electronic devices permitted during class.

7. Exposure trips outside the building requires that all students follow the school discipline code including the uniform requirement. Students not in uniform will not be permitted on trips. 

8. WEBSITE: Click on 
www.camden.k12.nj.us  Then click on schools, click on Brimm, click on slasses and homework,  click on my name: Fine, Steven. This will bring you to my website. Click on " the day of the week you have Exposures to find powerpoint if available. Alternate assignment sheets will be handed out by your teacher.