Brimm Alumni Pay-it-Forward!

Brimm Alumni Pay-it-Forward!
Three of Brimm's alumni returned to our hollowed halls to speak to the Class of 2019 about discrimination in schools and the workplace.
On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, three of Brimm's alumni returned to their alma mater to give back to the present day students. During Exposures class, the trio shared with the current freshman class, "What is Discrimination at School and in the Workplace." This presentation was designed to bring awareness to this very sensitive subject so that our freshmen would be prepared to handle it if it arose during school as well as in the workplace, once they graduate from our institution.
Pictured from left to right...
Leah Coleman, Brimm Class of 2003; she is a graduate of Seton Hall University and is now a social worker as well as the sponsor of Leah's law which serves to protect all social workers in the state of New Jersey.
Edwin Coleman, Brimm Class of 2007; he is a graduate of Duke University and is now a federal investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Evy Crespo, Brimm Class of 2007; she is a graduate of Rutgers Law School and is now an attorney at South Jersey Legal Services.
We here at Brimm are very proud of each of our graduates' accomplishments and endeavors and encourage them to give back to the school who help build their future!!