Brimm Participates in HS Heroes Junior Achievement Day!

Brimm Participates in HS Heroes Junior Achievement Day!
PSEG Energy Ambassadors HS Heroes Junior Achievement Day at US Wiggins College Preparatory Lab Family School, Camden

Today, 25 young Brimm Medical Arts High School students served as PSEG Energy Ambassadors to students at US Wiggins College Preparatory Lab Family School through their participation in the JA High School Heroes Initiative. You left a lasting impression on our future generation! Through your volunteerism at US Wiggins College Preparatory Lab Family School, you impacted (146) students in (9) classrooms grades K through 2nd.
On behalf of JANJ, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the volunteers. Your time spent in the classroom as a mentor and role model provided each of the students with invaluable lessons that will continue to inspire them to dream big and reach their full potential- at no cost to the schools and their families. Thank you for sharing your time and talents to bring JA’s curriculum to life. Thank you to PSEG for their continued support and sponsorship, Principal Lana Murray, Dr. Fine and Ms. Darby for all their hard work and this awesome partnership. The testimony below speaks volumes…..
Teacher Feedback:
“Having these mature, classy, older students take over the room as teachers, role models and mentors. They were well-prepared and positive. Marcqui displays a friendly and professional in- charge demeanor at all times, acting well beyond his year. Ha’Nasia exemplifies brains and heart. This is a rare combination that will take her to the top in life. Alexus is a bright, strong natural leader…the unstoppable type! She is ready for great thinks in life.”
“This gave my students a better understanding of life skills, the afternoon when they covered goods and services, they students were very interested.”
“Allowing the students to participate and interact with the JA volunteer’s.
HSH Student Feedback:
“This was the first time I participated and today’s service will help me in the future by preparing me for the real world of business. My favorite part of the day was all of it.” 
Ha’Nasia 11th grade
“Letting the students know about energy and how to conserve it and helping the community. The best part was seeing all the smiles on the children all day!” Alexis12th grade
“This was my first time and my favorite part was when the kids explained their needs and wants. My services helped kids understand needs and wants, how to earn money, and how to save energy.” T’yiona 11th grade
Student Feedback:
“I really like playing with the flash cards and the high school kids.” - 1st grader
“I didn’t like when I had to pay my taxes I only had three dollars left!” – 2nd grade
“I am going to help my parents save energy by turning off the lights.” Kindergarten
-- Celeste Hardrick