About Us

Brimm Medical Arts High School was the vision of the former superintendent and mayor of Camden. His premise was, in a city in which the largest growth industry is health care, there were very few minorities in upper level positions. In 1994, Brimm Medical Arts became a reality with 60 freshmen. The fourth floor of Our Lady of Lourdes School of Nursing was leased for one dollar. Brimm has since graduated students who have selected careers in the Camden healthcare system. 

Brimm Medical Arts is a magnet school with a comprehensive high school curriculum which encompasses the New Jersey Core Content Standards with a medical infusion that introduces healthcare professionals and health related hands-on experiences. Students must apply for enrollment at the eight grade level and they must be a resident of Camden. The selection process requires students to write an essay during the time of their interview. Students must have a 2.5 average in science and math, a good attendance history, and no serious behavioral infractions.

There is a student population of approximately 260 students, per year, with ethnic backgrounds of African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasian. The socioeconomic background qualifies approximately two-thirds of the student body to receive free or reduced lunch.

Brimm students are encouraged to participate in volunteer programs and activities throughout the school year. Their high school experiences are also enhanced through job- shadowing activities and their participation in practical applications, such as summer internships, which allow students to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. Brimm students are encouraged to continue their education at higher education institutions and to return to Camden to give-back to their community.

The Brimm family is appreciative of the many community partnerships that offer resources and opportunities to enhance student learning, and to prepare students for the future workforce and productive citizens of society.