Students who do not appear in class will be considered absent, except for approved religious holidays, athletic events, school-sponsored trips, activities or meetings, family related funerals and extenuating circumstances as declared by the administration. Appropriate documentation for court, funerals, and from a medical doctor or public health clinic must be submitted to the school nurse within the next three school days after the absence(s) to be considered an excused absence. Students are reminded that in the event they are absent from school, it is necessary that a parent/guardian call the Main Office (966-2500) by 8:15 am, to report the absence. Parents who have not called in to report a student absence will be notified no later than 11:30 a.m., daily. This procedure is required to ensure each student's personal health and safety

(See Appendix i � File Code 5113)


    • Students who walk of drive to school are not to arrive before 7:30 am.
    • Students are to report directly to the Multi-Purpose Room and remain there until 8:15 a.m.,unless they have an appointment with a teacher.



  • Students who arrive after 8:20 a.m. are late to school and must get a late pass from the teacher or administrator in charge.
  • All late students will have a mandatory, same-day detention.
  • Students who arrive to school after 10:30 am. will be considered absent from school for the entire day.

LATENESS TO CLASS Students are to be in the classroom and seated on time. Lateness to class will be handled by the classroom teacher and result in a teacher-assigned detention.


  • All requests for an early dismissal, including 18 years or older, must be made in writing and brought to the Main Office before 9:00 am. The note must contain a telephone number and the reason for dismissal. In cases of medical emergency, permission may be requested from the school nurse.
  • All requests must be verified before a student is allowed to sign out of school. Before leaving, all students must check out in the Main Office just prior to dismissal time and sign the book provided.
  • Students 17 years of age or younger shall not be permitted to leave the school unless a parent or guardian or a person authorized by them meet with the student in the Main Office.
  • Students 18 years of age or older must sign out in the Main Office is the appropriate book. Once a student (18 years of age or older) signs out, he/she may be permitted to return to school and must report to the Main Office. After signing out, students MUST LEAVE the building and school property.
  • Any student who leaves school early will not be permitted to practice or participate in any athletic competition that day unless a legal excuse is presented that is acceptable to the Principal.
  • Class time missed because of an early dismissal for any reason not listed in the attendance policy will be counted as an absence for any class(es) missed. Students are responsible for making up work missed.

It is assumed that students who do not attend classes, regardless of the reason, cannot benefit from the instruction-taking place in the classes. It is therefore acknowledged that a student's grade will be affected by their lack of class participation.

When a student exceeds the limits of the Attendance Policy for absences from school, he/she will be placed on a no-credit status for all subjects. Credits for courses passed will not be granted until satisfactory completion of assigned Credit Completion sessions.

For each absence past the limits of the policy, the student will be required to attend one (1) Credit Completion session. If time is owed at the end of the school year, it must be completed before the end of June.



  • Any student absent between 9 and 13 days in a semester course must attend one Credit Completion session for each absence beyond 8 absences.
  • Any student absent more than 15 days must attend an approved summer school session for a semester course.

Any student who will be absent from school for an extended period of time should contact his/her guidance counselor, nurse (for medical absence) and the Dropout Prevention Officer in order to have work sent home. If the anticipated absence will be longer than two weeks, a physician's note requesting home instruction should be submitted as soon as possible.

The New Jersey Department of Education recognizes religious holidays as excused absences from school. However, in order to receive full credit for the absence, it is important that the student bring to the Main Office a note from home three (3) days in advance stating that he/she will be absent in observance of a specific religious holiday.

School closing, delayed starting times, or early dismissals will be announced on local radio and television. The school district's code number is 614.

If no report is heard, it can be assumed that school will be in session as normal. Please do not call the school. Telephone lines must be kept open for emergencies.