Academic Policy

Counseling services are available for every student in the school. These services include assistance with educational planning; interpretation of test scores; occupational information; career information; study helps; help with home, school and/or social concerns; or any question the student may feel they would like to discuss with the counselor.

Students wishing to visit a counselor should contact the secretary in the Guidance Office to arrange for an appointment. Check in between class or before classes begin or when there is an emergency.

Report cards are issued two (2) times a semester. Each marking period is approximately 9 weeks long. Report card dates will be distributed at the beginning of the school year district-wide.

Student progress reports may be sent any time between marking periods to parents of students who need some type of special attention. These reports do not necessarily mean that a student is failing, but a deficiency is noted which needs correction.

A student being issued an incomplete grade has ten school days to resolve the grade with the issuing teacher. Students with an "I" on their report cards cannot be considered for the honor roll or extra-curricular eligibility.

Students will be allowed to make up assignments missed because of legal or acceptable absence from school. It must be understood that completing missed assignments does not provide the same educational experience as being present and participating in the classroom activity. The responsibility for making arrangements to makeup work ties with the student. Students who are absent because of suspensions will be allowed to make up work missed.

The Honor Roll system is as follows:

Principal's List All A's
1st Honor Roll A's & B's
2nd Honor Roll A's, B's and one C in a minor subject

Every student is required to take part in physical education classes. You are responsible for having complete gym attire on days that are scheduled for Physical Education class.

Students who fail to arrive on time for the bus or who are unprepared for class must report to the designated teacher to complete a written assignment.

All basic texts are loaned to students for their use during the school year. Books are to be kept clean and handled carefully. Please be sure your name and grade are written in the book in case they are misplaced. Students who lose or damage a book while it is checked out to them will be expected to pay for it. Textbooks are to be covered at all times.