Field Trip Protocol with History of Medical Issues

Field Trip Protocol with History of Medical Issues
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Field Trip Protocol with History of Medical Issues

Field trip protocols:
If a student has a known medical condition (asthma, history of an allergic reaction, etc.) with medications the previous school year, they will need medication orders for this year or a note from their doctor stating they do not need medications this year.
If a child does not have medications at school, has a history of needing medications in the previous school year and does not have a note from the doctor stating they do not need medication for the trip, or no longer need medication, then they CAN NOT go on the trip (safety issue).
The parent may take the new medication sheet, Permission to Give Medications at School Form, to the doctor, and if the doctor checks off the section that student does not need medication for field trip or special activity, the student may go on the trip without medications.
The parent (or a blood relative age 18 or older) who is able to go on the trip and administer the medication, will then allow the student to go on the trip if a doctor note/medications was not received by the nurse.

The Asthma Treatment Plan,completed by the student's health care provider, will allow the student to have medication in school. The left lower box, when checked off by doctor, allows students to self-administer in school. This is very important since the students go out of the building for physical education and school trips. The medication brought to school by the parent must have the pharmacy label and match the instructions on the Asthma Treatment Plan. The form requires both the doctor and parent signature. The Healthcare Provider’s Orders for Allergy Emergency Treatment and Permission to Administer Epinephrine forms are attached for the students with allergies.

The doctor may write a script or letter, but it must include medication, dose, reason and time to administer. Parent, please sign the medication form or write a letter to give permission.
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